Jun 10, 2011

OpenCL demo of Iniguo Quilez slisesix - SOON

I will soon release an OpenCL implementation of Iniguo quilez's slisesix demo . In this demo, you will be able to "interactively" move the camera in the scene.

I am also currently working on a high-quality/resolution version. It will generate a single screen-shot with depth-of-field and more visual effects impossible to do for a real-time exploration of the scene on my poor nVidia GeforceGTX275.

The demo will also feature a preview version of nVidia Timothy Lotte's SSAA algo called FXAA3 (preview version). He sent me a preview version for testing purposes and was kind enough to accept me including a preview version in the upcoming download-able demo. By the way, there will be a Siggraph course this year on SSAA.

Here are two screenshots:

The demo from shadertoy with fxaa3,volumetric fog and camera control.

Dynamic color correction and warm glow to make the monster alive

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