Dec 21, 2010

Symbolic computations

Just found a good symbolic (algebraic) computation program that can help you to develop/visualize/simplify your formulas. The graphical interface is name XCAS and uses the GIAC engine. You can download everything here.

As an example, you can "pre-compute" rotation matrix from Euler's angles for a 3 bands spherical harmonics vector and visualize it as following:

Good to start optimizing things...


  1. have you tried ? I use it when i need some computation too long to handwrite ;) (but it's quite limitated of course, they wants to solde some licences of mathematica)

  2. Interesting and intuitive! :)

    But I prefer the XCAS interface where you have an environment you can save, with your own defined variables, formulas, etc... The drawback is that there is some little bugs.