Dec 12, 2010

Skin rendering - environment lighting

In parallel to the development of the graphical pipeline of Dynamixyz, my work also involved some R&D on rendering. I may show some of my work here when my technical director allows me to do it.

Some results showing the GPU Gems 3 skin rendering method but this time no point or spot light: only environment lighting using spherical harmonics! Below, some screenshots showing a head model lit by its surrounding environment (with an without light directional light occlusion.) Of course, this is rendered in real-time and with gamma correction. These screenshots emphasize the importance of using a ambient lighting model that takes into account incoming light directions of the environment as well as directional occlusions.

Environment lighting with a cube-map having a
pure red color on a single face.
(left without, and right with directional light occlusion)

Environment lighting with a cube-map from Humus.
(left without, and right with directional light occlusion)

This is static and I am working on an idea to make everything dynamic. The occlusion is computed on the GPU using rasterization instead of ray tracing.

The head model is a free scan released by Infinite-Realities. Thanks to you Mr. Lee Perry Smith!

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