Aug 1, 2010

Back from SIGGRAPH 2010

Wow, SIGGRAPH was awesome!

I saw and learn so many things that I can't list them here. All I can say is that it was nice attending movies (Weta, Pixar, ILM, Dreamworks, etc), games (Crytek, Dice, Valve, etc) as well as researchers presentations. Now I can put a face on those names I often encounter when reading research papers or presentations.

Here are some links with very interesting courses and presentations about graphics:
  • Dice presentations
  • Advances in real-time 3D rendering course
  • Beyond programmable shading course. (This year theme was really oriented towards future hardware evolution)
  • New: Physically Based Shading Models course
  • New: Stylized Rendering in Games course
  • New: GI across Industries courses


  1. Great meeting you in the BPS course! :)

  2. You lucky guy :)

    Did you take photos of those "faces" that you wish to share, it would be cool !

  3. Unfortunately no photos! It was not allowed so I did not take the risk. But still, you can find some photos of people on their website/blog/twitter. :)

    And I recommend you to go to Siggraph one day if possible. :) Not always easy to go to talk to everyone because there is a lot of attendees and it is some kind of community were each people know each other. You feel like a foreigner sometimes. But it is definitly worth the cost going there!