Jul 22, 2010

My Siggraph Schedule

Here is my schedule:
  • Sunday: Avatar in Depth,
  • Monday: All about Avatar, Detailed Surfaces, Volume and Precipitation, Real-time Live Demo,
  • Tuesday: Simulation in Production, Computer Animation Festival, Blowing $h!t up, Real-time Live Demo,
  • Wednesday: Advances in Real-Time Rendering in 3D Graphics and Games I and II,
  • Thursday: Beyond Programmable Shading I and II.
There is a lot of uncertainty for some sessions because many are overlapping with others I am interested in (hair rendering, stylized rendering, global illumination, physically based shading, etc). It is really hard to make my final choice.

Moreover, two friends are presenting this year:
  • Nicolas Stoiber, PhD student at Orange Labs like me: The Mimic Game: Real-Time Recognition and Imitation of Emotional Facial Expressions. (He will write an article here about his very interesting work after SIGGRAPH),
I wish them good luck with their presentation. I hope one day I could contribute to SIGGRAPH to. Indeed, my PhD was not really suited for such graphic/animation research... Maybe during my future job!!

I will post here about SIGGRAPH during the next week if I can find time between sessions and SIGGRAPH night parties. :)


  1. I saw Nicolas' presentation. Pretty cool stuff. He went on right before my presentation on American Sign Language animation.

  2. Ah! That was you! Sorry, I was not able to attend your presentation. But I saw on your profile that you were working for Human Head studio. Was this talk a collaboration?

    Despite being busy writting his PhD (as myself), Nicolas will write a post soon on my blog about the mimic game. :)

  3. Cool! Is he going to turn it into a paper?

    The sign language animation was work I did at Purdue University before I was hired by Human Head.

  4. There are some publised papers as you can see on his website: http://www.rennes.supelec.fr/ren/perso/nstoiber.

    Nice being hired by a video game company! :)