Jun 27, 2010

Volumetric lines 2 + News


Sorry for the long time silence but I have been very busy recently: PhD writing, not accepted paper I have to modify, internship students to take care, researchers who want to use my engine, etc... Now it's better, I will have more free time by the end of the week.

So what are the news! Volume Lines 2 demo is on-line. In fact, I have submitted it to GpuPro2 but it was not accepted: I expected this answer because indeed the method is pretty simple. The results are nicer than previous volumetric lines but it requires geometry shaders and it is more computationally expensive.

Also, I started to work in Virtual Textures few weeks ago. I have the low resolution feedback buffer working with required pages to load, indirection table, etc. Just need to load required pages from the disk to GPU virtual memory in a separate thread together with a LRU cache. I will work again on it soon.

The development of my light-pre pass renderer with relief mapping is... well... deferred. :/ I have a lot of optimization ideas and I hope I can show you more about it soon.

Finally, I will go to Siggraph 2010 this year as an attendee! :) Many courses and talks to attend! It will be hard to attend every sessions I would like to but, I will do my best. I may talk about this conference, show some pictures and report about courses/talks on this blog. Maybe I will be able to meet some of you overthere! :D


  1. You are really lucky your advisor let you go to Siggraph, it's a bit expensive.

    The only place my advisor offered me to go without a paper to present was a PhD presentation at INRIA Rennes...

    Enjoy your trip!

  2. Yes! This is a really nice opportunity! :)
    But if I would not have reveiced money from my advisors, I woulg have gone to SIGGRAPH by myself.

  3. I'll be at Siggraph as well, say hi if we see each other :)

    I'm presenting in the Beyond Programmable Shading course so that course is a given to find me!

  4. Ah nice! I want to attend this course. So I have to search for a cute green gecko right? ;)

    By the way, do you know where I can find details about "Beyond Programmable Shading" and "Advances in Real-Time Rendering in 3D Graphics and Games" courses? I can't find these details nor on the Siggraph website, neither in the advanced program pdf.

  5. They are listed here:

    Although not that much information available yet