Oct 13, 2010

News and random links

Hi everyone!

I am currently very busy because of the end of my PhD thesis and my new job! This is why I am not currently very active.

So, as I said, my PhD is over. The manuscript is currently proofread by my two advisors. I will defend my PhD on January 21st 2010.

I finally had a phone interview with the game company that contacted me 2 times last year. Despite the fact that "I have a very interesting profile", they told me that I still "have to get more experience"... So sad... :/ So this is what I am doing right now by working at Dynamixyz as a R&D engineer. It is a new French start-up so you can imagine that there is a lot of work to do!! :) I am mainly involved in the development of the CG part of their facial animation tools pipeline.

I want to finish this post with these interesting/funny random links:
  • Interesting paper from Insomniac on 2 band spherical harmonics with truncated triple product.
  • Patterncraft or how to teach design patterns using Starcraft2! Much more fun than typical school use cases! :)
  • The blog of a French guy working at Crytek. Sorry, it is in French. :)
  • Game design fundamentals blog post
  • 16bits ALU in Minecraft here
  • Log out fail in MoH
  • Amazing dance animations in this TF2 video
  • What is exactly a doctorate? Answer


  1. Good luck for your PhD defense.
    Now that you have a "real" work, you should earn enough money to stop eating rice everyday :D

    Tha game company that contacted you, they need you to have more experience to give you an interesting position instead of a rookie one, or they won't take you at all as long as you need more experience ?
    That's hard to always hear (in France) that a PhD is NOT a working experience... sad...

  2. It's me who have to get more experience! :)

    Yeah, sad to hear in France that Dr are mainly considered as lazy people that have to get paid more. But the game company was a German one.

  3. Ok my post may be confusing. The German game company (which you should easily guess which one) consider that fact of being a PhD student as an advantage. :) As far as I know (some German people told me), Dr are respected people in Germany.