Dec 16, 2009

News from France


Since my last post, I am back in France! I was in Japan for a Japanese-French research collaboration during one month (November). Maybe I will speak about this work once it is published in a conference or journal. Anyway, I have to say that Japan is a really impressive country! So many place to visit! (temples, tokyo tower, etc). Also food is really good and not expensive! I really recommend traveling in Japan: people are really respectful and will help you even if they can't speak English. To my opinion, each gamer, game developer which travel to Japan should visit Akihabara (called "The electric town"). A lot of games, arcade games, electric shop with very low price, etc. You can even buy an old megadrive for 0.8 euro! :)

Finally, I decided that it was a good time to change my computer. Indeed, my old graphics card caused me too much troubles: random colored pixels, triangles stretched to infinity (only with DirectX, not OpenGL) and even black death screens! I decided to buy hardware pieces that have a good performance/price ratio: Intel i5, geForceGTX275 as the main components.
Now I plan to learn DirectX with this computer. I am using OpenGL for 7 years and it is time for me to learn something else.

See you next news!


  1. cool, have you tried the beta with your new pc?

  2. Yes, RUSE beta runs really fast on my new computer! :)
    I try a game on the net this night or tomorrow.

  3. Noooooo, not DirectX, try to resist !!! At least wait till you finish your PhD :)

  4. Héhé... I was thinking the same as you before. But now everyone say that DirectX is a really good API so I want to learn it! And, in the game industry, almost every developers uses it so I have to know (even IdSoftware which were strong supporter of OpenGL). Moreover, I think that OpenGL become more and more messy with time, even if it has been cleaned up with the OpenGL3 specs...

    I still love OpenGL and don't want to leave it! I will finish my PhD with OGL and I will learn DirectX before the end of it!! :)

  5. I have found an interesting blog post here on OpenGL/DirectX :

    So sad that Microsoft try to eradicate OpenGL with misleading marketing...