Nov 23, 2009

Small tips that could help to get into the game industry

As I said in my welcome post, I would like to get into the game industry after my PhD. If it is your case, you should read this post...

As you may have noticed, I have a personal web site where I share my work with everyone. All source code of my demos and applications are available. When I started this web site, it was to do like Humus. I really appreciated the demo he developed and the fact that he is sharing his work with the community. It turns out to be a good portfolio...

Since 2008, I have received 3 serious job offers from game studios (2 of them being very well-known). Unfortunately, I was busy with my PhD but they told me to contact them again later. It seems that game developers in these studios browse the web to find some interesting developers and then report to the HR department.

I did a phone interview in english with the lead graphic developer of one of these studios during 2h! A really great guy which speak at Siggraph sometimes. I was really impressed because for me getting in touch with this studio was something unreachable! (NB: for a first interview, it turns out to be quite good but it could have been way better. I have to learn and work more!!!)
This studio even contact me a second time! I'm going on site at the beginning of 2010 for another interview. Awesome.

I will not reveal which studios contact me to not break any chances to get in. Follow this blog to know where I will land! :)

OK, here are my tips:
  • have a website where you show your personal work. But rendering two triangles with bump mapping is not enough. You need to implement more advanced rendering methods and maybe try to improve on it. Also, show some applications you did (games, editors engines, etc). Concerning my web site, I think it would be better with more applications or projects. And also with a cleaner presentation/appearance.
  • do not hesitate to post your work on GameDev. Or other website with picture of the day.
I hope this will help concerned people.


  1. je compte dans les offres serieuses de boulot ?

    Michel ;)

  2. Ah no! :)
    But I was not aware you are able to offer me a job!?

  3. Ok! :)
    Anyway, we really have to meet again once I'm back from Japan (next monday). Long time no see...
    I'll send you a mail soon.